16/02/2020MAGAZINESPROG MAGAZINE (UK)#106 February 2020
16/02/2020BOOTLEG CDR'SDALLAS PROJECTDallas, 12-1-1986
19/01/2020LP'SHEMISPHERES (40th Anniversary Super Deluxe)USA Mercury - Anthem B0029022-00
19/01/2020BOOTLEG CDR'SPROVIDENCE 1978Providence, 12-1-1978
19/01/2020BOOTLEG CDR'SLUBBOCK 1992Lubbock, TX, 10-6-1992
05/01/2020BOOKSWANDERING THE FACE OF THE EARTH (Official Touring History 1968-2015)S. Dali - E. Hansen / Insight Editions
05/01/2020BOOTLEG CDR'SLAS VEGAS 2015Las Vegas, 25-7-2015
02/01/2020VARIOUS ITEMSJIGSAW PUZZLE "A FAREWELL TO KINGS"500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle (39x39cm)
21/12/2019POSTERSCINEMA STRANGIATO (silk canvas film poster)60x90cm
21/12/2019BOOTLEG CDR'SSALT LAKE 2015Salt Lake City, 13-7-2015
21/12/2019BOOTLEG CDR'SKINGDOM OF FIRE - Chapter 6Glasgow, (Scotland), 26-4-1988
19/12/2019LP'SCLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUREU Anthem / Roadrunner R1 175982 / 08122 7934347
17/11/2019VARIOUS ITEMSCALENDAR 2020 (Presto 30th Anniversary)wall Calendar (Brouwntrout Publ.) sealed
17/11/2019VARIOUS ITEMSJIGSAW PUZZLE "PERMANENT WAVES'500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (39x39cm)
17/11/2019BOOTLEG CDR'SKINGDOM OF FIRE - Chapter 5Birmingham, 24-4-1988
24/10/2019VARIOUS ITEMSJIGSAW PUZZLE "FLY BY NIGHT"500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (39x39cm)
24/10/2019BOOTLEG CDR'STWIN TERRITORIESSt. Paul, 25-3-1986
22/09/2019LP'S2112 (blue vinyl)Canada / USA Anthem-Mercury-UMe BOO22371-01
22/09/2019BOOTLEG CDR'STINLEY ARROWS - Exclusive EditionChicago, 8-9-2007
08/09/2019BOOKSCOLORING BOOKCanada / Fantoons (paperback) 52 pages